Amrita Center for Cyber Security Systems and Networks organized an awareness camp for high school students of Amrita Vidyalayam, Pandalam on October 28, 2014. The purpose of the session was to make the students aware of various cyber security issues that can affect them. As this is the digital era, it is important to know how to use computers responsibly and safely.

Bithin Alangot and Shankar Raman, Research Associates at Amrita Center for Cyber Security Systems and Networks were the key resource persons. In two sessions, the students learned the following:

  1. How to be safe online, including precautions that need to be taken while using social networking sites.
  2. Understanding phishing and social engineering attacks through real life examples.
  3. Overview on computer viruses and their implications.
  4. Importance of computer programming.
  5. Various tips to keep their computer safe.
  6. Importance of privacy in the online world.

The students enjoyed the sessions as they provided a perfect opportunity to learn valuable information about the field of Cyber Securityand how to use computers safely. 

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