Vishu is an important festival celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala. Vishu is traditionally celebrated as a new year in the Malayalam calendar. The highlights of Vishu are Vishukkani (the first thing seen on the day of Vishu after waking up),  Vishukkaineettam (the tradition of giving money), Vishupadakkam (bursting of firecrackers), Puthukodi (buying of new clothes) and Sadya (Vishu feast).  
Two initiatives known as Vrukshakkani and Vishuthaineettam, envisaged by Chancellor Amma have been launched at Amrita as part of this year’s festival of Vishu to help foster love for nature in the hearts of the younger generations, and to teach them to protect and preserve nature.

​​Amrita Center for Wireless Networks & Applications (AmritaWNA) ​organized a Vishuthaineethamprogram with immense happiness where they gifted new born baby saplings to be taken care by a new brother/sister in their home and nurture them. The elders in the department distributed the saplings to the younger ones. As part of the program, Amma's message was shown in addition to distribution of more than 100 saplings to staff and students. Instructions were also given to staff and students on how to help grow the saplings in their homes. This program was not aimed at just spreading the idea of sowing the seeds of plants and growing them, but of sowing the idea of living close to the nature in our hearts, as well as turning our attention to the true essence of life which brings in the real growth in us.

"We sincerely pray that this becomes a start for all of us for a better tomorrow," shared the AmritaWNA members.

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