Supported by Italy's Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica "F. Severi" (INdAM), Prof. Giovanni Naldi and Dr. Thierry Nieus of University of Milan organized the NeuroMath Meeting bringing together experimental and computational researchers working on various topics in theoretical/computational/mathematical neuroscience. 

Amrita School of Biotechnology Associate Professor Dr. Shyam Diwakar presented an invited talk on modelling the computations of cerebellum circuits and how robotic arms can employ such reconstructions for movement control.

Other speakers included Giorgio Ascoli from Krasnow Institute, Fairfax, USA, Stephen Coombes of Nottingham, Egidio D'Angelo of Pavia, Italy, Paolo del Giudice of ISS, Rome, Italy, Wulfram Gerstner of EPFL, Laura Sacerdote of Torino, Gianluigi Mongillo of Paris, Michele Giuliano of Antwerp, Belgium, Alberto Mazzoni of Pisa, Italy, Michele Migliore of CNR, Sicily, Italy, Stefano Panzeri of IIT Trento, Italy, Michele Piana of Genova, Italy, Eero Räisänen of CNR, Florence, Italy. 

The Amrita presentation covered the computational neuroscience of multi-compartmental and spiking neuron models, plasticity, local field potentials, behavior and robotic abstractions. The event, hosted by INdAM, was held at the medieval il Palazzone, a palace from the 1600's, located in Cortona, Italy. 

​​Prof. Giovanni Naldi, Dr. Thierry Nieus and Prof. Egidio D'Angelo have been collaborators with the Amrita Computational Neuroscience lab and were also part of the Indo-Italy Program of Cooperation 2012-14

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