The first alumni meeting of the Department of Gastroenterology, School of Medicine, Amrita Health Sciences Campus, Kochi, was held on November 29, 2018, at Hotel Avenue Regent, Kochi. The department successfully runs a training program in Gastroenterology for 18 years with 24 graduates thus far. This was the first such gathering that encompassed not just past graduates, but also former consultants, endoscopy technicians and physician assistants. This allowed for a heart-warming reunion of doctors as well as the support staff which is quintessential for a successful endoscopy unit.

Doctors from all across India were able to make it for this special event which was organized by the newly formed Gastroenterology Alumni Association headed by the current Head of the department, Prof. Rama P. Venu. The event started off with an inauguration ceremony and lamp lighting. The welcome address was given by Prof. Rama P. Venu who outlined the rise of the department, achievements and the current work being done. This was followed by the presidential address delivered by Dr. Prem Nair, Medical Director, Amrita School of Medicine, Kochi, who reminisced on the days when the department was just started, the challenges faced and marvelled at how far they have come by providing high-quality training with a state-of-the-art endoscopy unit. The first DNB Gastroenterology graduate, Dr. Shine Sadasivan who is currently serving as a Professor in Amrita along with Prof. Rama P. Venu, felicitated the former Head of the department Prof. V. A. Narayanan for his stupendous work as a leader and a pioneer in Gastroenterology. The first DM Gastroenterology graduate, Dr. Preetham H. S., currently working as a Professor of Gastroenterology in SDM College, Dharwad, shared his experiences in Amrita as a resident that had most of the audience smiling in agreement as they relived their days in this eminent organization. A short photomontage was prepared by the alumni association with past pictures provided by all the graduates prior to the event that took this august gathering down memory lane and etched a new memory for them to cherish. 

The event ended with personal experiences of the past graduates and technicians while a scrumptious dinner was served. Finally, a group photo was taken, and goodbyes were said with a solemn promise to make this an annual event and celebrate all that was gained during their tenure in Amrita which has enabled them to new heights of success in their professional careers.

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