For the first time fruit flies were infected with green fluorescent protein tagged bacteria at Amrita Centre for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine(ACNSMM), Kochi, in an exciting work that allows for rapid testing of antimicrobial drug efficacy. When the drug works and the bacteria die, the florescence turns off. Dr. Raja Biswas, Associate Professor, ACNSMM, Kochi, and Dr. Jayakumar R., Professor, ACNSMM, Kochi, hope to utilize this research for a wide range of drug testing in a simple and effective fashion. They tested the model using Nano Tigecycline/ Chitosan-PRP Composite Hydrogel on an infection model.  

This work was published in a high impact journal: ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces in 2016, vol: 8, 22074-22083 (Nimal T.R. et al.)

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