Dr. Sabitha M., Professor & Principal at School of Pharmacy, Amrita Health Sciences campus, Kochi, delivered a keynote lecture as invited speaker at the 14th International Chitin and Chitosan Conference (ICCC) & 12th Asia Pacific Chitin & Chitosan Symposium (APCCS) held at Kansai University Senriyama Campus at Osaka, Japan, from August 27- 30, 2018.

She delivered a keynote lecture on the topic, “Topical & Oral Delivery of Methotrexate Loaded Chiting Nanogel for Treatment of Psoriasis”.

There were around 234 presentations, including 115 oral presentations and 119 poster presentations. A total of 300 scientists and research scholars from around 30 countries working on chitin & chitosan and their applications in drug delivery, tissue engineering, environmental science, microbiology, agriculture, etc., participated and shared their research experiences.

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