Amrita School of Biotechnology PhD students Arathi Rajendran and Sandeep Bodda participated at the 4th IBRO-APRC Bangalore Cognition Workshop held at Bengaluru, India from June 19-July 2, 2016. Arathi and Sandeep were among the 50 participating students among which 30 were outstation participants. Invited speakers were neuroscientists from USA (15), India (15) and from Europe and Canada (6). The course covered modules on vision, memory, brain signals such as local field potentials, brain-machine interfaces, electroencephalography, fMRI, attention and spatial navigation.

Arathi and Sandeep also volunteered for eye-tracking tests during the hands on sessions.

Amrita’s Computational Neuroscience Lab had recently published an open source toolbox, LFPsim for local field potential reconstruction from Neuronal models. 

Computational neuroscience studies involve mathematical modelling of brain and its circuits in order to understand circuit function and disorders. Amrita team also employs high performance computing using Beowulf clusters and GPUs for effectively modelling neurological conditions. They are also developing a low-cost robotic arm as a platform to test neuro-inspired robotics

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