Prof. Shyam Diwakar gave an expert talk titled "Computational Neuroscience of Circuit Function and Dysfunction: a Cerebellum Perspective" at the at the XXXIV Annual Meeting of Indian Academy of Neurosciences (IAN) held at National Brain Research Center, Manesar, India from October 19-21, 2016. 

Amrita PhD students Arathi Nair, Hemalatha Sasidharakurup, Sandeep Bodda, Nutakki Chaitanya Kumar and Mithun Haridas presented their studies at the meeting. While Arathi presented her study on parallel computing of mathematical models of brain circuits, Sandeep presented on local field potential reconstructions using neural mass models. Chaitanya Nutakki presented a poster on mathematical modeling of fMRI signals from circuit models and Hemalatha presented on biochemical systems theory of Parkinson's disease. Mithun Haridas of Amrita CREATE presented on an app for dyslexia. Arathi, Sandeep, Hemalatha and Chaitanya are PhD students at Amrita School of Biotechnology's Computational Neuroscience and Neurophysiology Laboratory

Since its inception in 1982, Indian Academy of Neuroscience has been holding meetings regularly at different centres involved in neuroscience research in the country. Dr. Shyam Diwakar was elected as an executive committee member of the Indian Academy of Neuroscience in October 2014 and has been a life member since 2004.

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