The December 5, 2016, colloquium combined public speakers, entrepreneurs, motivators, and mentors from Australia, Morocco and India. The 1styear MBA students of Amrita School of Business, Bengaluru, were treated to real time stories, motivational talks and inspirational examples. The students shared that they were inspired and recharged by the end of the colloquium. 

Mr. Allan Connolly talked about entrepreneurship and touched upon 80:20 principle. He stressed the necessity of believing in oneself. To fail early, in the entrepreneurial journey, can ultimately be to one's advantage, as long as one uses every experience as a stepping stone to success. 

Mr. Phil's presentation engaged the students with the chilling story of his escape from near death. From there he beautifully connected the dots about how he transformed himself to start many ventures. He stressed that plenty of opportunities are available and one has to view and convert them into one’s advantage. Other presenters included Ms. Sarah from Morocco, Mr. Subranil from India and leaders from E-Café startup.

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