Amrita Center for Research in Analytics, Technologies & Education (AmritaCREATE), Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, organized an Online Labs workshop at Hongirana School of Excellence, Karnataka, as part of the Online Labs training programme on August 5, 2018. Thirty-two science teachers from five schools participated in the workshop.

The workshop was handled by Mr. Pantina Chandrashekhar, a research staff member at AmritaCREATE. He gave an introduction to Online Labs and explained in detail about the experiments on the website. The program greatly interested the participants, evoked their curiosity and made them aware of the significance of Online Labs in the present day curriculum. After the demo session, an Online Labs hands-on session was also held for the participants. The program concluded with distribution of Online Labs CDs, discussion and a feedback session with the teachers.

"Olabs is very useful and informative, especially in rural areas where there are no lab facilities. It also provides a good source of information for the students," commented Mr. Arun Kumar, Mathematics Teacher, Hongirana School of Excellence, Karnataka.

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