I'm Anija, working in Ammachi labs since 3 plus years.

I'm working in the QA team, so that’s how I got the golden opportunity to know about all the courses. Likewise I got an opportunity to know about the Ammachi labs "Artificial jewellery making” course. While I got involved more in that course, I got an idea to make some jewellery items in my free time. At the first time, I couldn't make them perfectly, and I didn't focus more. Around that time only, Ammachi labs conducted a UNDEF exhibition in Coimbatore. It was a wonderful experience for me. I joined the group and I found so many varieties of jewellery items made by Ammachi lab students, and their interest on it. That’s where I got an inspiration, and I started doing in my free time, and now it's my hobby.

With Amma’s grace, now I'm selling my products in a shop, and I'm getting nice feedback from the customers.


November 11, 2013


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