​Dr. P. Balasubramanian, Associate Professor, Amrita School of Business (​ASB​),​​ ​Coimbatore presented a paper on ‘Sunk​ ​Cost​ ​F​allacy– Effect of​ ​Situational​ ​​Knowledge on​ ​​Irrational​ ​C​hoices’ at​ Singapore Economic Review conference (SERC) 2015​ from August 5th-7th​. The paper talks about the application of Sunk cost fallacy in the field of agriculture. It established the irrational choices adopted by the farmers in selecting a crop. 

The conference was conducted as a part of the 60th year of publication of the leading economics journal Singapore Economic Review (SER). In the conference, several theoretical and empirical papers on economics with emphasis on the economic problems of Asian countries were discussed. 

Several distinguished speakers, editors and co-editors from major international journals participated in the conference. John Rust (University of Maryland), Professor Jonathan Batten (Monash University, Australia), Charles Yuji Horioka (University of the Philippines, Diliman), Prof​. Quah Teong Ewe (Nanyang Technological University) and Jack Knetsch (Simon Fraser University​)​ were a few among them.

Nearly 260 papers were tabled for presentation from more than 300 participants from nearly 40 countries. Dr. Balasubramanian also met ASB Coimbatore alumnus from the class of 2002, Harsha Chaitanya Bathina, Solution Architect, the International Baccalaureate, Singapore at the event.

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