Collaboration with foreign universities paves the way to high-quality research and outstanding academic programs. For this reason, Amrita School of Business (ASB) encourages students and faculty members to collaborate with renowned universities across the globe, organizing exchanges between researchers and lecturers, participating in fellowship programs and inviting international professors for campus interaction. 

This year, Shweta Premanandan, Faculty Associate of Amrita School of Business (ASB), Coimbatore visited Uppsala University from January-March 2015. She visited the university on a special invitation from her research supervisor Dr. Asa Cajendar to collaborate with her, and her team of researchers from the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) group.

Shweta presented her tentative PhD proposal titled Role of National Culture in the Adoption of E-government Systems at two seminars, one at Uppsala Computing Education Research Group (UpCERG) and another at Visual Information and Interaction (Vi2), Department of Information Technology. 

Her proposed PhD research area attempts to understand how national culture of users affects their decision to adopt information and technology in government services. The research attempts to emphasize on the need to comprehend the national culture prior to designing and offering e-services by the government for its people. 

Shweta is an alumnus of ASB, Coimbatore and possesses one year of industry experience in YASH Technologies Pvt. Ltd as a Market Research Analyst before undertaking teaching at ASB. She has been associated with ASB for the last 5 years.

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