The MBA students of Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore from Class of 2016 visited Moksha Griha, a crematorium in Coimbatore as a part of the curriculum of Service Operations Management course. The intention was to understand the service aspect of a not-so-valued-industry, scrutinizing the front-end and back-end processes of a crematorium service. 

For a student Rahul Mohan, the experience was ‘awesome’, especially to observe the clear line of distinction Moksha Griha maintained between the front-end customer service and the back-end operations. “I could see two sides of the world. In the front, there was an atmosphere of melancholy, whereas, behind, it was efficiency. We could intensely study the system that made the entire service possible,” he said.

Connecting the classroom theory with the visit, Rahul said, “Even after delivering the core service, Moksha Griha continues to value the sentiments of its customers. Thus, the customer stays loyal to the organization."

Assistant Professor Prof. Hemamala, course instructor and organizer of the visit, expressed her satisfaction in providing a new perspective to the students through the visit. “Students undertake trips to industries during their semesters to embrace the actual scenario of the industry and connect it with their classroom learning. These visits provide them the firsthand knowledge about the business nature and methodology,” she added.


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