Dr. Peter Struss, Professor, Model-based Systems and Qualitative Modelling Group, Department of Computer Science- Artificial Intelligence; Faculty of Informatics Techn. Univ. Muenchen (TUM), Germany, addressed the students and faculty of Amrita Center for Wireless Networks & Applications (AmritaWNA).

The group of Prof. Struss at TU Munich works on different AI topics including knowledge-based configuration systems, model-based diagnosis and fault analysis and model-based decision support systems for environmental and ecological systems.

The talk was focused on the latter subject and presented first results in designing and realizing a computer tool that is meant to support decision making in the context of peri-urban development with a focus on issues of water management. This is associated with research on the development in the Sriperumbudur region near Chennai that is conducted by the Indo-German Center for Sustainability at IIT Madras.

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