The nine students from the Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri Campus, who traveled to Johor Bahru with their professor, Br. Rajesh Kannan, continued to win laurels for their alma mater.

One of their papers titled High Speed and High Responsivity CMOS Image Sensors was awarded the best paper prize in the conference. It was chosen for this honor from nearly forty papers submitted by teams of undergradute students from the best universties in the sub-continent. The paper was co-authored by Venkat Krishnan, Mithun M, and Rahul Srikumar, all ECE students currently enrolled in the 3rd year ECE degree program. The student team was guided and mentored by Br. Rajesh Kannan.

“We are proud of these students,” remarked their HoD, Suresh Kumar. “This achievement of theirs will undoubtebly motivate other students here as well. Our department is fortunate to have several faculty members just like Rajesh who encourage students to excel even beyond the classroom.” With students and faculty making efforts to excel thus, we have no doubts that they will continue bringing many laurels to their alma mater in the years to come. We wish them all the best!<

December 1, 2008
School of Engineering, Amritapuri

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