Four school students from the state of Uttarakhand, who were trained a part of the AmritaRITE (Rural India Tablet Education) program, have cleared the Navodaya entrance exam and already started their schooling in June, 2018. In the 2017-18 academic year, AmritaRITE program began selecting bright students in villages and giving special tutoring for Navodaya entrance exam. 

The residential Navodaya schools are like a dream come true for bright village students who do not have the economic support for quality schooling or continued education. To pass the Navodaya entrance exam, for many, is to be set for life. Without this, many of these bright faces would fade away as school dropouts, engaging in sporadic income generating seasonal labour such as mahua-flower picking. 

AmritaCREATE's (Amrita Center for Research in Analytics & Technologies for Education) Rural India Tablet Education (RITE) project serves to bridge the increasing technological and educational divide between urban and rural areas of India. AmritaRITE advocates education and awareness building from early childhood, with the aim of achieving holistic development, and is now active in 41 centres in 21 states across the nation, benefiting both children and adults in diverse ethnic and indigenous groups.

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