A special talk on "Internet of Energy: Implication on Infrastructure and Democratization of Energy Use" by Dr. Priyaranjan Mishra, Principal Scientist, Philips - India, was organized by the student branch of IEEE Power Electronics Society, Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru on April 15, 2016.

The talk was aimed at imparting knowledge of advances and integration of distributed energy and how it will lead to generation and consumption on a common basis. Further, the talk encouraged more participation and input of the consumer in generation, transmission and consumption of energy. Democratization in the entire chain of energy flow will need new, smart and advanced infrastructure. Dr. Mishra dealt with the quality of electricity, Importance of solar PV, micro and nano grid, smart grid, integrated grid and Big Data involved in the energy market. The talk was attended by UG and PG students and was very informative about the future of the power market.

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