Dr.Kalyan Sasidhar, Assistant Professor, Amrita Center for Wireless Networks and Applications (AmritaWNA) was invited for a talk as part of MICRONet collaborations with IIITM-K. He delivered the talk on Wireless Link Characterization over Arabian Sea.

The talk covered topics on analysis of wireless link characteristics between an onshore transmitter and offshore receiver mounted on a boat. The analysis was performed through a simulation framework that considered various sea environmental factors like sea states and signal propagation phenomena such as scattering, diffraction, and reflection. The aim of the talk was to give exposure to the students with a brief overview about the MICRONet project and the application of wireless channel models to the sea environment. The audience was comprised of around 30 students and three faculty. 

"It was a nice experience with a good student audience and some interesting observations and questions posed by them," Dr. Sasidhar shared.

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