On 27th October, 2016, a one-day national workshop on ‘IPv6 on IoT’ was conducted by Mr. Baldev Krishnamurthy, Founder and Managing Director, A2B2 IT Services Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru.

The workshop covered topics on IPv4 and OSI Layers, IPv4 Addressing - Class A, B, C, D, Private IP, Public IP, IPv6 Protocol Concept and IoT (Networking – SDN – Smart Cities – Electronics). A hands-on lab  followed and demonstrated the configuration of Cisco Routers.

Academicians, research scholars and students from various institutions participated in the workshop. The session dealt with the importance of IPv6 that gives IoT products a platform to operate for a long duration. Also, the security and scalability aspects of Ipv6 along with the ability to connect and deploy on IoT devices were discussed in detail.

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