On March 8th 2013, International Women’s Day, seven graduates from the third batch of the fabric painting course at the Calicut Center started a new business.

“Everything happened suddenly,” said Sharmila, one of the group members. “We completed this course in just less than a month and started the business as soon after that. So we were not perfect in making good products. We decided to learn screen printing to support the skills that we gained through the course. Since we were busy working on the orders we were receiving, all of us couldn’t go and learn, so two of us from the group went to learn it and taught the others.”

The name of their unit is called, “Amrita Fabrics.” The graduates found it easy to transfer their learned skills into a joint business, as they were all members of a Residential Community (a 250 family wide community). The seven graduates decided to kick start their own business by investing Rs.2000 each – a total of Rs. 14,000.

The group keeps regular working hours – 11 am to 4:30 pm. When they have orders, they work until 7 pm. “When our children come back from school, they come and see us and then quietly play or do their homework until we’re ready to go. We’re able to do our housework as well as this work,” said one of the group members.

Their next big venture – Amrita Fabrics is currently preparing for their new stall to be opened in Cherevanor town (Calicut District) before the festival of “Vishu” (Kerala New Year). 



May 13, 2013

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