Amrita School of Business (ASB), Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, was recently represented at the International Conference on Yoga for Holistic Health held at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, on 22 June 2015. Prof. C. S. Udhayakumar, Associate Professor of ASB was an invited speaker at the 7th technical interactive panel session in the International Conference.

At the session ‘Yoga for Holistic Health’, Prof. Udhayakumar focused on Yoga as a solution for the existing menaces of the society. He said, “Yoga means to deeply know, understand and realize who you actually are in the most direct, experiential way. Yoga is to know, understand and realize your intrinsic interconnection and inseparability with the multidimensional Universe, or more appropriately, the Multiverse.”

“Yoga is a way to radically transform oneself and thus, transform the world as we know it. All over the world human beings have been unnecessarily suffering for a long time due to several reasons, including wars created by mad people. The world cannot and must not go on like this. The time has come for a complete transformation of ourselves and this world. And Yoga is the way,” he further explained.

Prof. Udhayakumar also addressed several interesting queries raised by the attending delegates at the session. The session had a participation of more than 600 delegates, invitees and officials from India and abroad.

The International Conference on Yoga for Holistic Health was organized as a part of the International Day of Yoga celebration by the Ministry of AYUSH, with an intention to spread awareness about the importance, significance and relevance of Yoga, especially in today’s world, and commence discussions about the ways Yoga can transform the individual and the world. Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the conference on the 21st morning and was the Chief Guest for the two-day conference proceedings.

The valedictory function was held on the evening of 22 June 2015, where Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev was the Chief Guest and Sri Rajnath Singh, the Home Minister, was also present.

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