Dr. Kaustabh Kumar Maiti, Senior Scientist from CSIR-NIIST addressed the students and faculty of Amrita School of Biotechnology on January 27th 2015. His talk was titled “Guanidine Appended Targeted Drug Delivery System (TDDS): A Future Prospect in Cancer Therapy.” The talk was on the work done by Dr. Kaustabh Kumar Maiti and his team on Targeted Drug Delivery System especially with respect to cancer therapy.

Dr. Kaustabh started his talk with a nice introduction about drug discovery and the economics that guide the developmental processes involved for a potential lead drug, going from IND to NDA till the final FDA approved drug. His current research interest focuses on the synthesis and biological evaluation of peptide and non-peptide scaffold based drug-delivery system for targeted delivery of small molecular drugs such as Doxorubicin. The talk also focused on synthetic molecular transporters and dual targeting systems. He also spoke about theronostics and development of diagnostic nanoprobe for infectious diseases, as well as cancer detection and imaging by ultrasensitive biocompatible surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) nanotags.

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