In a two-day session held at the campus, Mr. Subramaniam Krishnan, Retired Advisor – Global Marketing, ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialties, discussed various aspects of new product development, negotiation, and business metrics with Amrita School of Business (ASB), Coimbatore students from Class of 2017.

During the session of 'new product development', Mr. Krishnan explored the various roles of a product manager in a company. He discussed the characteristics needed for the managers to lead the position. He mentioned that the use of innovations in new product development (NPD) can make the product a success. Using the examples of the popular products such as WhatsApp, Netflix, iPhone YouTube, etc., as well as by sharing his personal experiences from the industry, Mr. Krishnan provided a thorough understanding of the topics to the students.

Further, Mr. Krishnan explored the areas of negotiations and taught students various approaches towards business negotiations. Lastly, Mr. Krishnan shifted his focus to Operations Analytics. In the session, he conducted a group exercise in the class, asking the students to formulate an optimum solution for a real-life business scenario.

He concluded the talk by listing down 75 KPIs that every manager should know, which covered different domains of management, ranging from finance to operations and HR.

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