Dr. Christian Blaschke (Consultant, Semantic Web Company, Austria) had delivered a talk on Biomedical text mining, a branch in Text Mining which is applied to text and literature of the biomedical and molecular biology domain. He referred this as a recent research field which intersect natural language processing, bioinformatics, medical informatics and computational linguistics. Due to the increasing number of electronically available publications in databases, this field is gaining more prominence. In his presentation, he provided an introduction to this field and also addressed techniques, applications and challenges in the area of biomedical text mining.

Christian has obtained his doctorate at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (“Applications of information extraction techniques to molecular biology“). Starting with 2004 he worked on the development of a semantic search engine for biomedical researchers and later he coordinated a bioinformatics research institute. He joined the Semantic Web Company end of 2012 as a consultant where he develops and coordinates customer projects and contributes to the development of the PoolParty product family.

February 08, 2014
School of Biotechnology, Amritapuri

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