Amrita School of Biotechnology kicked off it’s seminar series for this semester with a great talk by Dr. Maneesh Mailankot on how “Kynurenine inhibits Fibroblast Growth Factor 2-mediated expression of Crystallins and MIP26 in lens epithelial cells. The passion for his chosen field of interest was very much evident when he said ‘ Kynurenine pathway is my bread and butter’. His sway over the attention of the audience was almost absolute especially with the students. The day witnessed a rare combination of an impeccable researcher, compassionate teacher and an astute businessman in Dr. Manish. He is currently affiliated to Pushpagiri College and serves as an Assistant Professor there.

Following his engaging scientific talk, Dr. Mailankot spoke about his current business venture – Origin Diagnostics and Research – a company involved in the production of state-of-the art BUT inexpensive analytical reagents/tools to make molecular biological research easier and more cost-effective in India. As a scientist, entrepreneur, and teacher, he expressed his enthusiasm to work for the improvement of the world we live in – whether it is through research, employment, or the spread of knowledge. In concluding his seminar, Dr. Mailankot expressed his sentiments aptly in the words of Steve Jobs – “Stay hungry, stay foolish”.

February 06, 2014
School of Biotechnology, Amritapuri

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