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Journal Article


Advanced Materials Research, Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Volume 984-985, Tamil Nadu, p.979-989 (2014)





Controllers, Design procedure, Distributed power generation, Grid connected inverters, Grid frequency, LCL filters, Micro grid, Natural resources, Reference currents, Renewable energy resources, Renewable energy source, Zero steady state error


This paper presents a design procedure for Proportional-Resonant (PR) controller and a third order LCL filter which decide the performance of the converter that is used to interface the renewable energy source to the grid. The primary focus of the paper is to evaluate the performance of the controller with the filter for a microgrid application. A scaled down model of microgrid available in the department laboratory is considered for he performance evaluation of the esigned controller. The system is simulated with a 2kVA PWM inverter and tested under onditions such as change in grid impedance, grid frequency and step change in reference current. The simulation results show that the PR controller with LCL filter tracks the reference with zero steady state error and the controller is found to be immune to grid frequency and micro-grid configure tion changes. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.


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K. Deepthi, Dr. Vijayakumari A., and Joshy, A., “Control of grid connected inverter with PR controller and LCL filter for interfacing renewable energy sources”, Advanced Materials Research, vol. 984-985, pp. 979-989, 2014.