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Tribology in Industry, Masinski Fakultet - Kragujevac, Volume 36, Number 2, p.188-194 (2014)



The advancement in today's technology calls for the usage of superior material. A metal matrix composite has a unique characteristics to combine the various properties of the different materials present in the matrix composition, which enables it to be used for various high temperature applications where constrains could be overcome. The present study investigates the influence of applied load, sliding velocity and temperature on wear rate of AlSi10Mg alloy reinforced with 3 wt-% graphite and 9 wt-% alumina which was fabricated through liquid metallurgy route. The wear rate of this hybrid composite was investigated by performing dry sliding wear test on a pin-on-disc wear tester. The experiment was conducted for a constant sliding distance of 1500m. The influence of the various parameters on the wear rate was studied using Taguchi's Design of Experiment. An L9 orthogonal array was used for analysis of data. Signal-to-Noise ratio and Analysis of Variance were used to determine the ranking and percentage effect of input process parameters on wear rate respectively. Results revealed that load has the highest contribution on wear rate followed by temperature and sliding velocity. Worn-out wear surfaces were analysed using scanning electron microscope. © 2014 Published by Faculty of Engineering.


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Dr. Radhika N, Vaishnavi, A., and Chandran, G. K., “Optimisation of dry sliding wear process parameters for aluminium hybrid metal matrix composites”, Tribology in Industry, vol. 36, pp. 188-194, 2014.