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Power and Energy Systems Conference: Towards Sustainable Energy, 2014 (2014)


drive systems tripping, DVR, dynamic voltage restorer, Dynamic voltage restorer (DVR), economic losses, Electric drives, Harmonic analysis, Indexes, Losses, PI control, PI Controller, PI-controller, power quality (PQ), power supply quality, power system restoration, PR controller, process industry, Proportional Resonant (PR) controller, proportional-resonant controller, resonant frequency components, steady state error, TV, Voltage control, Voltage Sag, Voltage Swell


The tripping of drive systems in process industries are caused due to voltage sag or swell, which results in heavy economic losses. As a solution to this, DVR is reported. By using PI-controller for the control of DVR, a noticeable steady state error is found. But the analysis shows that there is a limitation in giving higher value of gain for the PI-controller, as it magnifies the resonant frequency components. This paper deals with the performance improvement in DVR operation by using PR-controller. Simulation results of the DVR output voltage with PI and PR controllers are depicted and experimental validation of the proposed PR controller is done.


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V. Surendran, V. Srikanth, and G, S. Joshi T., “Performance improvement of dynamic voltage restorer using proportional - Resonant controller”, in Power and Energy Systems Conference: Towards Sustainable Energy, 2014, 2014.