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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Volume WO2014141289 A1, Number PCT/IN2013/000144, India (2014)



The present invention is related to a core-shell photo-chemo nanomedicine aiding sequential or simultaneous delivery of a photosensitizer drug and at least one chemotherapeutic drug for combinatorial photodynamic therapy and chemotherapy of cancer. The nanomedicine core is made up of a biodegradable or biocompatible polymer and the shell is either by polymer or a protein aiding the following two configurations; (i) polymer core-polymer shell and (ii) polymer core-protein shell. The core-shell nanomedicine is made in such a way that, while the core is loaded with photosensitizer, the shell will be loaded with a chemo-drug or vice-versa. Along with improving drug solubility, stability, bioavailability and therapeutic efficiency, the core-shell nanomedicine platform aids sequential or simultaneous delivery of photosensitizer and chemo drugs to cancer type diseases and thereby facilitates the application of photodynamic reactive oxygen stress together with or followed by chemotherapy. In addition, this core-shell nanomedicine can be targeted specifically to the disease site by conjugating with targeting molecules such as antibodies, peptides, small molecules, vitamins, proteins, etc. This core-shell photo-chemo nanomedicine system is capable of excreting photodynamic reactive oxygen stress together with or followed by chemotherapy.

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K. Manzoor, Ranjith, R., Giridharan, L. M., and Shantikumar, V. N., “Photo - chemo composition on the basis of microcapsules with a core -shell structure”, U.S. Patent PCT/IN2013/0001442014.