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Paediatric cardiologists at Amrita hospital in Kochi relied on 3D printing technology to create a model of their 11-year-old patient's heart prior to performing complex multiple surgeries to fix anomalies. The girl from Thrissur was diagnosed with dextrocardia (condition in which your heart points toward the right side of your chest instead of the left side). She was also suffering from abnormal positions of left and right ventricles and two holes on the wall of the heart (ventricular septum) leading to a dip in oxygen level in her blood. The 3D printing technology helped them create the replica of her heart in its real size and features.

"Dextrocardia is a rare condition. The girl's ventricles were in superior-inferior (one on the top of the other) relationship unlike the normal right side-left side positioning. She had two holes in the heart's wall. Moreover, the aorta which carries pure blood to different parts of the body was connected to the right ventricle which contains impure blood. So, the blood supplied to her body was a mix of pure and impure," said Paediatric Cardiology Professor Dr. Mahesh, who heads 3D Printing Lab of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Kochi.