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Program Overview

Prepare for a Career in B. A. English

Coimbatore campus of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham offers B. A. (Bachelor of Arts) English Language and Literature.

The program offered at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

  • Provides a deep insight into the world of literatures and enables the student to critically appreciate the major literary works
  • Introduces the student to the political, social, cultural, economical and intellectual background of the various periods in literary history, thereby enabling him/her  to acquire an understanding of life
  • Helps to strengthen the linguistic capabilities of the student through theory and practical sessions.
  • Includes electives that helps the student to identify his/her area of specialization



Dept of English offers under-graduate program in English Language and Literature. The department possesses well qualified faculty who have made significant contributions in their respective focus areas. The program features an updated syllabus carried out through regular BoS revisions. The overall approach is interdisciplinary which is in line with the modern academic requirements. The electives and open electives in the fields of Translation, Eco-literature, Bhasha Sahitya, Technical and Professional Writing, Creative Writing are testimony to this. As part of the program requirements, students complete a project in a specific area of study. This helps them to improve their critical thinking and to foster research aptitude.  After completion of the program, many students pursue higher studies in diverse fields like Teaching, Media, Core Journalism, Business sector etc.


Semester I
Course Code Course Title L T P Cr ES
21ENG101 Communicative English 2 0 2 3  
  Language Paper 1 1 0 2 2  
21ELL103 History of English Literature: The Pre-Chaucerian to The Jacobean 4 0 0 4  
21ELL101 English Poetry: The Chaucerian to The Jacobean 4 0 0 4  
21ELL102 English Prose: The Elizabethan to The Augustan 4 0 0 4  
21CSA101 Introduction to Computing 1 0 2 2 D
21CUL101 Cultural Education I 2 0 0 2 F
    Total     21  
Semester II
Course Code Course Title L T P Cr ES
21ENG111 Professional Communication 1 0 2 2  
  Language Paper II 1 0 2 2  
21ELL113 History of English Literature: The Augustan to The Victorian 4 0 0 4  
21ELL111 English Poetry: The Augustan to The Victorian 4 0 0 4  
21ELL112 English Prose: The Romantic to The Modern 4 0 0 4  
21ELL114 Indian Writing in English – I 3 0 0 3  
21CUL111 Cultural Education II 2 0 0 2 F
    Total     21  
Semester III
Course Code Course Title L T P Cr ES
21ELL202 Communicative English (Advanced) 2 0 0 4  
21ELL204 History of English Literature: The Late- Victorian to The Modern 4 0 0 4  
21ELL201 American Literature 4 0 0 4  
21ELL205 Life Writing-I 4 0 0 4  
21ELL203 English Fiction: Victorian 4 0 0 4  
21SSK201 Life Skills-I 1 0 2 2 G
21AVP201 Amrita Values Programme I 1 0 0 1 F
    Total     23  
Semester IV
Course Code Course Title L T P Cr ES
21ELL212 History of English Language 4 0 0 4  
21ELL213 Shakespeare 4 0 0 4  
21ELL211 Canadian Literature 4 0 0 4  
21ENV200 Environmental Science and Sustainability 3 0 0 3 H
  Elective A 3 0 0 3  
  Open Elective A 3 0 0 3 J
21SSK211 Life Skills-II 1 0 2 2 G
21AVP211 Amrita Values Programme II 1 0 0 1 F
    Total     24  
Semester V
Course Code Course Title L T P Cr ES
21ELL301 Elements of Literary Criticism 4 0 0 4  
21ELL303 English Poetry: Modern 4 0 0 4  
21ELL302 English Drama: Elizabethan to Victorian 4 0 0 4  
21ELL305 Spiritual Literature 4 0 0 4  
21ELL304 Phonetics and Grammar 4 0 0 4  
  Elective B 3 0 0 3  
21ELL390 Live – in – Lab/ Open Elective B 3 0 0 3 J
21SSK301 Life Skills III 1 0 2 2 G
    Total 28  
Semester VI
Course Code Course Title L T P Cr ES
21ELL316 Methodology of Literary Studies and Humanities 4 0 0 4  
21ELL314 Indian Writing in English-II 4 0 0 4  
21ELL312 English Fiction: Modern 4 0 0 4  
21ELL311 English Drama: Modern 4 0 0 4  
21ELL313 Indian Aesthetics 3 0 0 3  
21ELL315 Life Writing II 4 0 0 4  
    Total 23  
21ELL399 Project   6  
    Total 29  
Electives A & B (Any Two)
Course Code Course Title L T P Cr ES
21ELL331 Creative Writing in English 3 0 0 3  
21ELL332 English for Media Communication 3 0 0 3  
21ELL333 Teaching of English for Indian Students 3 0 0 3  
21ELL334 Technical and Professional Writing 3 0 0 3  
Language – Paper I
Course Code Course Title L T P Cr ES
21HIN101 Hindi I 1 0 2 2  
21KAN101 Kannada I 1 0 2 2  
21MAL101 Malayalam I 1 0 2 2  
21SAN101 Sanskrit I 1 0 2 2  
Language – Paper II
Course Code Course Title L T P Cr ES
21HIN111 Hindi II 1 0 2 2  
21KAN111 Kannada II 1 0 2 2  
21MAL111 Malayalam II 1 0 2 2  
21SAN111 Sanskrit II 1 0 2 2  



A pass in +2 or equivalent degree with a minimum of 60% in English.


Based on the marks obtained in the qualifying examination and interview.


Why Literature Programme @ Amrita?

 The UG and PG Programmes offered by the Department of English have a well- defined Curricula and Syllabi that reflect the current trends in Language and literature studies. The Department promotes interdisciplinary research projects engaging a range of cultural, aesthetic, historical, geographical, and theoretical concepts to bring out a holistic approach to research. Courses like Translation Studies, Linguistics, Folk Studies, Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Dalit Studies and Ecological and Spiritual Studies offer them an insight into the emerging areas in this domain and help them to sharpen their analytical and critical thinking.

Job Opportunities for Literature students

After the Completion of BA and MA Programme, the students do get opportunities in Media related fields, Technical/Content Writing and Language Teaching and Training, Business sectors.

Projects/activities conducted to imbibe skills
  • As part of the Programme, students undergo advanced training in Verbal, Aptitude and Soft Skills which make them competent enough to meet the challenges in the corporate world and prepare them for various competitive exams.  The Department has a fully equipped language lab with an effective software Sanako study 1200 Tutor Ver 7.00 7.0.030522.01) to create an appropriate eLearning environment. The advanced multimedia technologies enrich the language learning process.
  • UGC Net training sessions are a part of the Literature Programme which help students qualify NET/ JRF Exams and thereby acquire eligibility for higher studies and Assistant Professorship.
  • Srishti, the literary club of Amrita spearheaded by the English Department features a variety of literary events with the primary objective of fostering in students a love for literature and nurturing their creative, aesthetic and oratory skills
Amrita Value System

The Department encourages and organizes social outreach activities to help them be responsible Citizens. The Department conducts several National and International conferences in various thrust areas to strengthen the research aptitudes in students and research scholars. The Department hosts national and international conferences, seminars, workshops and invited lectures to keep abreast with the emerging trends in language and literature.

Higher Studies and Placement

Till date, around twenty five percent of PG graduates have cleared the National Eligibility test. As part of Placement opportunities, the following companies/ organizations have visited the campus: Times of India, The New Indian Express, Byjus Learning App and other media houses and corporate sectors.

Almost eighty percent of both UG and PG students have opted for higher studies in varied fields like Media, Language and Literature, MBA, Law, Education and Education Management. This also includes students who have got selection in reputed national and international Universities namely Vanderbilt University, Central Universities, EFLU, Asian College of Journalism.

Facilities at a glance

  • Central Library
  • Hostel Accommodation
  • Sports Facilities
  • Banking Facilities
  • Transport
  • Medical Services
  • Canteen
  • General Store
  • ICTS
  • Reprographic Facility
Amrita First in India & Top 100 in THE Impact Rankings 2023

Students can learn in an environment where they are comfortable and looked after. Here are the facilities that our campus provides..

Alumini Testimonials

The three years I spent in Amrita helped me in building a solid foundation and knowledge base in English Literature. The syllabus was detailed and varied, which helps any newcomer get an overall understanding of the subject. This and the continued guidance and support from teachers helped me immensely in clearing the UGC NET examination. The backdrop of mountains, rows of trees and evergreen lawns were added bonuses in my campus life.

Why Amrita

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