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The Integrated M. Sc. Physics Program at Amrita aims to train the students in high level theoretical knowledge enabling them to tackle practical complex problems in industrial fields as well as to pursue further academic achievements through research. Since Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences are fundamental courses in sciences, students will be taught a mix of all these four subjects during the first two years. After successful completion of fundamental courses, a student will take up core courses in physics. In addition to the core physics subjects, the students can acquire additional expertise in special area of physics in the final year. During this period, all possible opportunities will be created for close interaction with research institutes and industries so as to provide high level training. After successful completion of the academic requirements students are awarded a Master of Science degree.

Thus the main objective of this program is to prepare the younger generation to cope with the emerging scenario in the top level industries, academic and research institutions.


5 years, 10 semesters


  •  Exit option with a B. Sc. degree at the end of third year
  •  State of art Research labs
  •  Qualified and Motivated Faculty
  •  Separate Hostels for Boys and Girls
  •  Placement assistance
  •  Guidance in the preparation for national-international level scholarship tests such as UGC/CSIR - NET, GATE, TOEFL, IELTS and BEC.

Information on Department of Sciences

Semester 1

Code No Course Title Cr
18ENG101 Communicative English 3
  Language I 2
18CHY103 Chemistry I 3
18CSA100 Problem Solving and Computer Programming 3
18MAT106 Trigonometry and Differential Equations 4
18PHY104 Mechanics and Properties of Matter 4
18CHY182 Chemistry Lab I 1
18CSA180 Problem Solving and Computer Programming Lab 1
18CUL101 Cultural Education I 2

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Cr
18ENG121 Professional Communication 2
  Language II 2
18CHY114 Chemistry II 3
18PHY113 Advanced Computer Programming Introduction to Python 3
18MAT119 Matrices and Vector Calculus 4
18PHY111 Basics of Electricity and Magnetism 4
18CHY183 Chemistry Lab II - Instrumental 1
18PHY185 Advanced Computer Programming / Python Lab 1
18PHY183 Physics Lab I - Mechanics and Properties of Matter 1
18CUL111 Cultural Education II 2

Semester 3

Code No Course Title Cr
18PHY201 Basic Experimental Techniques in Physics 4
18PHY203 Optics and Wave Motion 4
  Elective A 3
18PHY204 Analog Electronics 4
18PHY205 Introduction to Mathematical Physics 4
18PHY283 Physics Lab II – Heat, Electricity and Magnetism 1
18SSK201 Life Skills I 2
18AVP201 Amrita Value Programme I 1

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title Cr
18ENV300 Environmental Science and Sustainability 3
18PHY216 Digital Electronics 4
  Elective B 3
18PHY217 Introduction to computational Physics 4
18PHY284 Physics Lab III - Optics 1
18PHY218 Modern Physics 4
18SSK211 Life Skills II 2
18AVP211 Amrita Value Programme II 1

Semester 5

Code No Course Title Cr
18PHY306 Thermal Physics 4
18PHY307 Electrodynamics 4
18PHY308 Solid State Physics 4
18PHY390 Free/Open Elective* /Living Lab@ 3
  Elective C 3
18PHY384 Physics Lab IV – Modern Physics 1
18SSK301 Life Skills III 2

Semester 6

Course Code Course Title Cr
18PHY318 Atomic and Molecular Physics 4
18PHY319 Intermediate Mechanics 4
18PHY320 Introduction to Modern Optics 4
  Elective D 3
18PHY385 Physics Lab V – Electronics 1
18PHY399 Project (for Exit-option students) 6
  TOTAL (for Exit-option students) 22
  TOTAL 128
  For Exit option 134

Semester 7

Code No Course Title Cr
18PHY501 Classical Mechanics 4
18PHY502 Quantum Mechanics I 4
18PHY503 Mathematical Physics I 4
18PHY504 Computational Physics 4
18PHY581 Advanced Physics Lab 2
18PHY582 Simulation Lab 1
18PHY591 Mini Project 1

Semester 8

Course Code Course Title Cr
18PHY511 Quantum Mechanics II 4
18PHY512 Mathematical Physics II 4
18PHY513 Statistical Mechanics 4
18PHY514 Advanced Electrodynamics 4
18PHY515 Experimental Techniques 4
18PHY583 Advanced Electronics Lab 2

Semester 9

Code No Course Title Cr
18PHY601 Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 4
18PHY602 Condensed Matter Physics 4
18PHY603 Nuclear and Particle Physics 4
  Elective I 3
  Elective II 3
18PHY681 Spectroscopy Lab 2

Semester 10

Course Code Course Title Cr
18PHY696 Dissertation 18
18PHY697 Viva voce 2
TOTAL 20  
TOTAL for 5 YR Int. MSc 210


Code No Electives – A, B, C, D Cr
18PHY331 Medical Physics 3
18PHY333 Introduction to Nanophysics And Applications 3
18PHY335 Biophysics 3
18PHY337 Astronomy 3
18PHY338 Computational Methods for Physicists 3
18PHY339 Concepts of Nanophysics and Nanotechnology 3
18PHY340 Introduction to Photonics 3
18PHY342 Nonlinear Optics 3
18PHY343 Optical Engineering 3
18PHY344 Physics of Semiconductor Devices 3
18PHY345 Principles of Lasers and Laser Applications 3
18PHY346 Laser Theory 3
18PHY347 Laser Applications 3
18CHY331 Batteries and Fuel Cells 3
18CHY353 Forensic science 3
18CHY348 Electrochemistry 3
18CHY631 Applied Electrochemistry 3
18PHY632 Astrophysics 3
18PHY633 Biophotonics 3
18PHY634 Earth’s Atmosphere 3
18PHY635 Earth’s Structure and Evolution 3
18PHY636 Fibre-optic Sensors and Applications 3
18PHY637 Fibre Optics and Technology 3
18PHY638 Nanophotonics 3
18PHY639 Nonlinear Dynamics 3
18PHY640 Nuclear Physics 3
18PHY641 Optoelectronic Devices 3
18PHY642 Physics of Cold Atoms and Ions 3
18PHY643 Quantum Electrodynamics 3
18PHY644 Quantum Optics 3
18PHY645 Thin Film Technology 3
18PHY646 Fundamentals of Plasma Physics 3
18PHYXXX Space Physics 3
18PHY648 Ultrafast lasers and Applications 3
18PHY649 Energy and Environment in the 21st century 3
18PHY650 Introduction to solar physics 3
18PHY651 Micro and Nano Magnetism Materials and its Applications 3
18PHY652 X-ray Diffraction and its Applications 3
18PHY653 Solar energy conversion 3
18PHY654 Fabrication of Advanced Solar cell 3
18PHY655 Astrophysics and Cosmology 3
18PHY656 Special Theory of Relativity 3
Code No Open Electives Cr
18OEL231 Advertising 3
18OEL232 Basic Statistics 3
18OEL233 Citizen Journalism 3
18OEL234 Creative Writing for Beginners 3
18OEL235 Desktop Support and Services 3
18OEL236 Development Journalism 3
18OEL237 Digital Photography 3
18OEL238 Emotional Intelligence 3
18OEL239 Essence of Spiritual Literature 3
18OEL240 Film Theory 3
18OEL241 Fundamentals of Network Administration 3
18OEL242 Gender Studies 3
18OEL243 Glimpses of Indian Economy and Polity 3
18OEL244 Graphics and Web-designing Tools 3
18OEL245 Green Marketing 3
18OEL246 Healthcare and Technology 3
18OEL247 History of English Literature 3
18OEL248 Indian Writing in English 3
18OEL249 Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare 3
18OEL250 Introduction to Ancient Indian Yogic and Vedic Wisdom 3
18OEL251 Introduction to Computer Hardware 3
18OEL252 Introduction to Event Management 3
18OEL253 Introduction to Media 3
18OEL254 Introduction to Right to Information Act 3
18OEL255 Introduction to Translation 3
18OEL256 Linguistic Abilities 3
18OEL257 Literary Criticism and Theory 3
18OEL258 Macro Economics 3
18OEL259 Managing Failure 3
18OEL260 Media Management 3
18OEL261 Micro Economics 3
18OEL262 Micro Finance, Small Group Management and Cooperatives 3
18OEL263 Negotiation and Counselling 3
18OEL264 New Literatures 3
18OEL265 Non-Profit Organisation 3
18OEL266 Personal Effectiveness 3
18OEL267 Perspectives in Astrophysics and Cosmology 3
18OEL268 Principles of Marketing 3
18OEL269 Principles of Public Relations 3
18OEL270 Science, Society and Culture 3
18OEL271 Statistical Analysis 3
18OEL272 Teamwork and Collaboration 3
18OEL273 The Message of Bhagwad Gita 3
18OEL274 Understanding Travel and Tourism 3
18OEL275 Videography 3
18OEL276 Vistas of English Literature 3
18OEL277 Web-Designing Techniques 3
18OEL278 Organic Farming 3
18OEL279 Basic Legal Awareness on Protection of Women and Rights 3
18OEL280 Ritual Performances of Kerala 3
18OEL281 Documenting Social Issues 3
18OEL282 Fabrication of Advanced Solar Cell 3
18OEL283 Basic Concepts of X-ray Diffraction 3
18OEL284 Introduction to FORTRAN and GNUPLOT 3
18OEL285 Introduction to Porous Materials 3
18OEL286 Forensic Science 3
18OEL287 Introduction to solar Physics 3
18OEL288 Recycling Recovery and Treatment Methods for Wastes 3
18OEL289 Acting and Dramatic Presentation 3
18OEL290 Computerised Accounting 3
18OEL291 Kerala Mural Art and Painting 3


Code No Course Title Cr
18HIN101 Hindi I 2
18KAN101 Kannada I 2
18MAL101 Malayalam I 2
18SAN101 Sanskrit I
18TAM101 Tamil I 2
Course Code Course Title Cr
18HIN111 Hindi II 2
18KAN111 Kannada II 2
18KAN111 Malayalam II 2
18SAN111 Sanskrit II 2
18TAM111 Tamil II 2

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