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Clinical psychology as one of the main disciplines in the area of mental health/ illness has grown significantly in the last two decades. Today, the clinical psychology training is being offered at more than 20 RCI recognized centers across the country. However, the number of professionals currently available at various levels is no match to the number specified to face the ever growing demands in the field of mental health. And in spite of mental health problems being continuously on the rise in Kerala, owing to change in life style, habits and mounting stress in personal/ occupational/ social domains across various sections of the society, the state did not have an M. Phil. Clinical Psychology Program until now. This being the case, even though the maximum number of students getting trained in Clinical Psychology from other states as far as Delhi and Ranchi,  are Keralites.

To work as a clinical psychologist is to experience the immense satisfaction of helping people overcome emotional and psychological difficulties that interfere with day-to-day living.. Through psychological assessment and psychotherapy, Clinical Psychologists aim at understanding, preventing, and relieving psychologically-based distress or dysfunction and to promote subjective and behavioural well-being and personal development. Besides the above clinical psychologists also engage in research, teaching, and program development and administration. Wherever they work, clinical psychologists perform the meaningful task of helping to relieve distress and return normalcy to lives destabilized by dysfunction.

In the recent time a trend is observed for training in clinical psychology to be shifted from traditional mental hospital-based programs to programs operated by medical colleges and multi-specialty hospitals. M. Phil. in Clinical Psychology from a Multi-specialty tertiary care centre such as Amrita Institute of medical Sciences would be able to offer training not only in the area of mental health but also in becoming competent liaison psychologists skilled to work in the areas of Neuropsychology, Health Psychology, Psycho-Oncology.  etc.

M. Phil. in Clinical Psychology is a course recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and hence to be conducted only by institutions with RCI approval. On completion of this program, the trainee can be registered with the RCI as a qualified Clinical Psychologist with a license to practice.

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