India is energy starved country and per capita consumption of energy in India is one of the lowest in the world. India faces a formidable challenge in providing adequate and efficient energy supplies to users at a reasonable cost. With an average annual growth rate of 8-9 percent, it will be a great challenge to meet the energy demand, and producing it efficiently without polluting the environment. This programme is designed to enable the students to develop expertise in both theory and design of Thermal Systems, Energy Systems and Energy Management. The students also learn to simulate various fluid, thermal and energy systems using different computational tools. They also do experiments to test various thermal and energy systems.

This programme offers many career options for the youngsters in both public and private sector involved in production of energy, design and production of thermal systems and energy systems. They will also get opportunities to join various Research and Development organizations. This programme also includes courses on Micro Flows and Micro/Nano Heat Transfer which are of great importance in electronic equipment design industry.

Duration of the Course : Two years

Eligibilty : Pass with Minimum 60% in B.E./B.Tech in any one of the following disciplines or equivalent.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Aeronoutical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
Core Courses Electives
Advanced Engineering Mathematics Design of Heat Exchangers
Advanced Heat Transfer Nano / Micro Heat Transfer
Advance Fluid Mechanics Fluidized bed systems

Thermal Power Plant Cycles and Systems

Information Technology in Energy Management

Computational Methods in Fluid flow and Heat Transfer

Energy Modeling, economics and project management

Design and Optimization of Thermal Systems Measurements in Thermal Systems
Energy Conversion Systems Gas Dynamics
Energy Conservation in Thermal Systems Solar Energy
Renewable Energy Systems Computational Fluid Dynamics
Gas Turbines and Jet Propulsion Fuel Technology
Computational Lab Gas Turbines and Propulsion
Thermal and Energy Lab IC engine combustion and Pollution
Seminar Energy and Environment
Dissertation Heat Transfer in Biological Systems
  Energy Management

Energy Policies for Sustainable development


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