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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
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The main objective of the programme is to generate interest in the pursuit of specific research goals in Biotechnology and the development of expansive knowledge leading to a Ph.D degree in a value based environment.

The research focus at the School of Biotechnology spans a wide spectrum of areas including Cell Biology, Cancer Biology, Wound Healing, Computational Neuroscience, Proteomics, Microbiology, Neurophysiology, Phytochemistry, Analytical Chemistry & Venomics.


Full Time: Master’s Degree in Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Chemistry or any branch of Biological Sciences with at least 60% marks. Those candidates who qualified CSIR/UGC JRF or GATE can directly appear for the interview while others should appear for a written test which will be conducted in the last week of June and December every year. Such candidates will be called for the interview based on their performance in the written test and their qualifying examination.

Part Time: Every year a few seats are kept for promising facultiy members of Amrita Institutions and various other universities for the Ph.D. programme. These candidates have to appear for a written test and interview and based on the merit list, such candidates will be offered an admission for Ph.D. programme.


Types of Scholarships include:

  • Government of India and Industry sponsored scholarships
  • Amrita scholarships.


  • Selection will be based on a written test followed by an interview.

  • Last Date to Apply: May 15 for June Exam and Nov 15 for December Exam. 


Program Policies & Procedures


The School of Biotechnology in Amritapuri is an approved Centre of Relevance and Excellence [CORE] in Biomedical Technology under the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, TIFAC Mission REACH Program. The Centre aims at excellence in multiple dimensions by pioneering interdisciplinary education, research and industrial collaboration in Biomedical Technology. In doing so, the Centre will strive to advance research, generate affordable preventive and therapeutic innovations to stimulate industrial growth and improve the human condition. One of the major projects include development a lowcost, automated, insulin pump which was awarded an US Patent in October 2011. Further, attempts to develop an amperometric glucose sensor for coupling with the insulin pump, in addition to a lab on a chip, are also in progress. “An US Patent was awarded for the non-enzymatic glucose sensor in march 2017”.

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The Admissions Coordinator,
School of Biotechnology ,
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,
Amritapuri Campus,
Clappana P. O., Kollam
Kerala - 690 525

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First of all, I don’t like to be called an alumni of Amrita School of Biotechnology. The very utterance of the word 'alumni' gives me a feeling that I am out of ASBT, that I don't belong here anymore. I still believe that I am a part of ASBT, and thinking otherwise is agonizing. The five years of my ASBT life was an experience, which I would like to cherish forever. It transformed my life and played the most important role in shaping my career. The knowledge, values and above all the friends that I gained from ASBT will always be one of my prized possessions. The highly qualified faculties, combined with their friendly nature has been the sole reason which instilled the passion for science in me. I am extremely proud to be a part of ASBT family.

Vineeth V,
B.Sc. Biotechnology (2011-2014), M.Sc. Biotechnology (2014-2016),
PhD Scholar, InStem, NCBS, Bangalore 

Being at Amrita changed my life a lot. I was quiet decided on taking Biotechnology for my future studies after my secondary school, but then choosing the right institute was a difficult job. The decision was made right which was proven on the later years. Choosing Amrita I choose a life where science meets the daily life, where humanity was never taught but grown with it, where you feel home always. Amrita while providing the best learning and research experience also gave opportunities for interaction with the experts in different fields of science. Amrita nurtured the enthusiasm for taking my life ahead towards the research world. The handful of experiences that an Amritian gets in his/her life at Amritapuri will pave a strong foundation for their future. Every Amritian will not only be experts in the field that they studied but also will be experts in making a useful life, a great nation and shaping the mankind.

Abhijith K,
B.Sc. Biotechnology (2011-2014), M.Sc. Biotechnology (2014-2016),
PhD Scholar, IISER, Pune

I feel extremely proud to say that I have completed my graduation and Post-graduation in Microbiology from a prestigious institution like Amrita School of Biotechnology. The 5 years spent here were splendid and has helped me grow personally and professionally. The relationship between the faculty and the students is very cordial and has paved way for a great learning experience. I am ever grateful to all the faculty, staff and my batch mates for giving me a wonderful campus life.

Gayathri Ravindran,
B.Sc. Microbiology (2011-2014), M.Sc. Microbiology (2014 -2016),
Trainee Executive – Regulatory Affairs, Pfizer Limited

Amrita School of Biotechnology is one of the best experiences I have ever had. The knowledge that I gained at ASBT was the “start up” for my research career. Bioinformatics program at ASBT provides a good framework that helps to improve the theoretical biology and to develop the programming skill set. Highly qualified faculty members helps to create a good research ambiguity for students. I thoroughly enjoyed the ABST Bioinformatics experience and will cherish not only the knowledge I gained but also the friendship that I made.

Sathyaa S.,
M.Sc. Bioinformatics (2008-2010),
Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Pavia, Italy

My experience at Amrita School of Biotechnology (ASBT) was very memorable. The subjects offered are unique and advanced, the classes are interactive and innovative teaching methods are employed facilitating a better training. The faculty members are not only highly qualified experts in their field, but are also extremely approachable. Personally, the time I spent at ASBT and my interactions with the faculty helped me discover my enthusiasm for science and gave direction to my career.

Nitya Nandkishore,
M.Sc. Biotechnology, (2011-2013), CSIR Junior Research Fellow at in Stem/NCBS (Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine), Bangalore

My life at Amrita has been an exceptionally fine educational experience. I believe that having studied at Amrita School of Biotechnology has been a logical extension of my academic pursuit and has opened doors for me to higher circles. We have an excellent group of mentors who are truly inspirational and extremely supportive. The curriculum, and moreover the faculty-student discussions provide a very stimulating environment for learning, and this in turn has helped the students in developing a keen scientific temperament. I am extremely glad for being a part of this wonderful Amrita family.

Sonu Sahadevan,
B.Sc. Microbiology (2006-2009), M.Sc. Biotechnology (2009-2011), 
PhD scholar, Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, University of Zurich

Amrita School of Biotechnology is like a second home to me and the faculty members and staff are like family members. One of the most important and valuable lesson that I have learned at Amrita is “How to live in a competitive and stressful corporate world with a smile on your face”.Besides providing valuable advice and motivating the students, the teachers at ASBT are well experienced, friendly and approachable. I am extremely lucky to have spent 5 years in such a vibrant learning environment. I would like to express my sincere love and respect to all the faculty members-especially to our Chancellor Mata Amṛitanandamayi Devi.

Vinayak A.K.,
B.Sc. Microbiology (2007-2010), M.Sc. Biotechnology (2011-2012),
Application Scientist, Agilent Technologies, India

My time at Amrita school of Biotechnology has been an endearing journey. It will always be special to me because it is the only one place where my education for prosperity married my education for life. We had the best mentors who took efforts in answering the vast number of doubts we had - both inside and outside the classroom. Their friendly attitude and the time invested in discussing Science has encouraged me to be more inquisitive and passionate in whatever I learn. ASBT is the reason I really enjoy Science and research as much as I do today. ASBT helped me to develop directionality and a goal in life when I needed it the most. It was truly a home away from home for me and for many of my friends.

Sreeram Udayan,
B.Sc. Biotechnology (2008-2011), M.Sc.Biotechnology (2011-2013),
PhD scholar, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland

Attending Amrita School of Biotechnology was a milestone in my professional and personal life.The course work and teaching were excellent and really played a major role in shaping my future. I have never worked so hard, nor felt so proud of the work I have accomplished than what I did while studying at ASBT. The quality of lectures really surpassed my expectations as they were the best professors that I had ever met who had a great blend of real world theoretical/conceptual backgrounds.I consider being a part of ASBT to be one of the best decisions I ever made in my life and I am extremely proud of my achievement.

Lakshmi N.S.,
MSc. Biotechnology (2011-2013),
Research Assosciate, Gangagen Biotechnologies Pvt limited

Looking back, I feel blessed to have spent 5 beautiful years at ASBT. The healthy ambience, advanced learning sessions, ceaseless opportunities have molded me to confidence. I shall always be greatful to the extremely efficient, friendly teachers for instilling in me a better meaning of life. Amrita has refined me as a person and have prepared me to visualise the world through more motivating, passionate and life changing ways. I couldn't have asked for anything more than such a rewarding experience and I wish the coming students to experience the same.

Pallavi Pavithran,
BSc Microbiology (2009-2012), MSc Microbiology (2012-2014),
Microbiologist, Neogen, Kochi, Kerala

“A home away home” is not only a saying, but a lived reality and that was ASBT. I have always felt that I was so fortunate to be one among the primary bunch of students at ASBT. I can positively say that, ASBT has made me a better person. It has helped me in developing a positive attitude towards life and discover more about myself. The thing I admire the most about ASBT is the support I received from everyone, I found welcoming classmates, seniors and teachers there. Teachers were very caring and interested in students’ well-being. Each and every class were educational and interactive. Looking back, I can see ASBT was extremely important and a stepping stone in molding my life.

Rahul G. R.,
BSc Biotechnology (2005-2007),
Quality Control Officer, BIFCO Foods L.L.C., Dubai

Amrita School of Biotechnology paved the way for my scientific career. My education at Amrita not only provided me with excellent subject knowledge but also the training to lead in life. The faculties from different parts of the world makes Amrita stand apart as a unique place in India to get quality education, which also imparts an understanding of different cultures. The training I got from Amrita enabled me to get ahead by achieving many competitive research fellowships. The interaction with various eminent national and international scientists during my masters and PhD program has helped me professionally. Without Amrita it would have been impossible for me to come so far in my personal and professional life. It was the spring board which I needed.

Dr. Nidhina Haridas ,
MSc Biotechnology (2004-2006),
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Minerva Foundation Institute for Medical Research, Helsinki, Finland

This institution is a place for those who has a passion for knowledge and is determined and focused. We had experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated teachers who had great research excellence. The curriculum is designed and executed to meet the international quality and moulds one to face the intellectual challenges in various professional fields. Tutors were genuinely concerned about the success of their students and quality of education provided. It was a great learning experience for me that I still value and has helped me to achieve my goal.

Dr. Keerthi Thelakkad Chathoth,
MSc Biotechnology (2004-2006),
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Wood Lab IGMM, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I would say the 5 years that I spent in Amrita School of Biotechnology encourage me to transform my life from darkness to light. Personally, I felt the campus itself creates an incredible atmosphere for learning and supportive to finds out the hidden inner strength within us. We had the excellent and inspirational cloud of mentors who helped us to focus on developing a very enthusiastic scientific career. College days are imperfect without friends, they are the crucial factor in making and continuation of a good life, thanks to god I got a lot from here to stand at my difficulties.

Vishnu Raj ,
BSc Microbiology (2009-2012), MSc Biotechnology (2012-2014)
PhD Scholar, Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum

The energy and enthusiasm I was met with at Amrita School of Biotechnology gave me a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the joy of exploring new experiences. The faculty and the staff are outstandingly trained and responsible. Professors are highly engaging with students which creates a platform where sharing experiences and learning process are comfortable and empowering which personally allowed me to gain the knowledge and the confidence I needed. Also, the strong bonds and friendships I made is overwhelmingly cherishing and precious. Assisting, supporting and polishing each other’s' skills was our motto and we made it. Joining ASBT was a great privilege and certainly a life-changing decision.

Anupa Anirudhan,
MSc Biotechnology (2010-2012),
PhD Scholar, Institute of Marine Biotechnology, University Malaysia, Terengganu, Malaysia

Being a student at Amrita School of Biotechnology is one of the best thing that ever happened in my life, on both personal and professional front. ASBT is a place of knowledge and bliss for me. The faculties are dedicated experts in their respective fields and share the wealth of their enormous experience to us. I got their support and guidance throughout my professional life. Thanks to all faculties and friends of ASBT for their caring and advice.

Neethu Ajaykumar ,
MSc Biotechnology (2010-2012),
PhD Scholar, Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Trivandrum

I would say that it is one of the best decisions in my life to choose Amrita school of Biotechnology (ASBT) as a platform to pursue my carrier in science. The entire study environment not only makes me to imbibing knowledge easily but also my overall personality. It provides a wide arena of the field and thus I got to learn something new in every subject. The mentors in ASBT are very interactive, experts in their respective fields, easy to approach and help students to acquire excellent knowledge. I am so glad to be part of Amrita family which opened the door of science to me.

Sreelekshmy P Nair,
MSc Biotechnology (2010-2012),
Research Consultant, Monsanto research Centre, Bangalore

Believe me! Every success in my life has something to do with Amrita. Looking back to my days as a student at Amrita I enjoyed each and every moment spent here and I wish those days could ever come back. Thanks to Amrita for giving me the opportunity and I reckon no other college would have made me a better person. Proud to be an Amritian.

Jyothish N.T.,
MSc Bioinformatics (2004-2006),
Senior Developer - Ensembl Web, EMBL-EBI Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Amrita School of Biotechnology was an Eye-opening experience in my life. They have the best coarse plan and excellent methods of teaching .The student life was well rounded with everything from core subjects to advanced research techniques. Our faculty was instrumental in making us grow into the people by nurturing us both personally and professionally. This was made possible by the state of the art facilities at our campus .My life at ASBT was truly inspirational and I am very glad to have been a part of this wonderful family.

Sukanya S Varma,
MSc Biotechnology (2010-2012),
Research Consultant, Monsanto research Centre, Bangalore

It is a pride to be a student of ASBT. More than just being an academia it was a place where I myself have recognized my talents and potential towards doing research. The kind of motivation and inspiration I have gained from my teachers and fellow beings are real assets to my life. The recognition and the respect I receive at different venues being an ASBTian is something joyful. I thank all my teachers and the staffs at ASBT for providing me with all the essentials towards being a good researcher.

Roopesh R Pai,
BSc Biotechnology (2009-2012), MSc Biotechnology (2012-2014),
JRF, Aravind Medical Research Foundation, Madurai

Life at Amrita was really a great experience. We had highly qualified faculty members, who were very supportive and motivating. According to me Amrita is a place where we can nourish our career, with the good wealth of knowledge that we acquire both from studies and guidance. Once again I would like to thank my wonderful teachers who made me capable for experiencing the sweetness of success in my life. I am really honoured to be a part of Amrita.

Sreelakshmy Menon,
MSc Biotechnology (2010-2012),
Application Scientist, Agilent Technologies, India

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