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Conference Proceedings


Procedia Engineering, Volume 30, p.970-977 (2012)



3D Modeling, DICOM image, Marching cube, Ray casting, Voxel


3D reconstruction of face is one of the advancements in physical modeling techniques which uses engineering methods in the field of medicine.The systems in development propose a software tool that will help in craniofacial surgery. The existing approaches for 3D reconstruction has different applications from real scenary to human parts of body. The analysis of the different algorithms allow developers to make vital decisions in understanding the modelling of the face. The human face has different regions including the tissue and hard bones. The paper presents a survey on different 3D reconstruction approaches and draws conclusions for analysing the suitable approach for a specific range of application.


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Dr. Senthil Kumar T. and Anupa Vijai, “3D Reconstruction of Face from 2D CT Scan Images”, Procedia Engineering, vol. 30. pp. 970-977, 2012.