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Journal Article


European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Elsevier Science BV, Volume 24, Issue 3, p.451 (2003)



Aorto-arteritis, Claudication, hypertension


A 34-year-old man was evaluated for recent onset of bilateral lower limb claudication. On clinical evaluation, he was hypertensive [B.P. 220/140 on right arm] with feeble lower limb pulses. Radiofemoral delay and abdominal bruit were present. He was evaluated by aortogram which showed segmental occlusion below the level of superior mesenteric artery, with reformation through inferior mesenteric artery. At surgery, the periaortic tissue and the aortic wall were thickened. Aorto-renal end-arterectomy with patch aortoplasty and end-arterectomy of right common iliac artery were performed. The patient was discharged with B.P. of 150/100 mmHg on anti-hypertensive medications. Histo-pathology confirmed the diagnosis as Aorto-arteritis

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Dr. Praveen Varma, Latha, M., Purushotham, S. Nambala, and Neelakandhan, K. Sankaran, “Abdominal aortic occlusion due to aorto arteritis”, European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, vol. 24, no. 3, p. 451, 2003.