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Computers and Industrial Engineering, Volume 55, Number 3, p.695-706 (2008)



Absorbing Markov chain, Binomial experiment, Capacity requirements, Estimation, Flow of materials, Intangible costs, Markov processes, Probabilistic model, Production control, Production engineering, Production systems, Raw material requirement, Raw materials, Rejection, Rework, Service level, System designs, Telecommunication networks


This work models the flow of material through the production system as an absorbing Markov chain characterising the uncertainty due to scrapping and reworking. A realistic estimate of material requirement computed by the model enables better system design, MRP, capacity requirement planning, and inventory control. The work identifies production system parameters under scrapping and reworking, and accurately estimates the quantity of raw materials required. This being a probabilistic model can handle the problem even when data on some intangible costs are not available. © 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


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V. Ma Pillai and Chandrasekharan, M. Pb, “An absorbing Markov chain model for production systems with rework and scrapping”, Computers and Industrial Engineering, vol. 55, pp. 695-706, 2008.