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Journal Article


Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Volume 246, p.405-411 (2014)



Graphic processing units (GPU) have attained a greater dimension based on their computational efficiency and flexibility compared to that of classical CPU systems. By utilizing the parallel execution capability of GPU, traditional CPU systems can handle complex computations effectively. In this work, we exploit the parallel structure of GPU and provide an improved parallel implementation for data encryption standard (DES), one of the famous symmetric key cryptosystems. We also developed a visualization tool for DES in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet which helps the students to understand the primitive operations that constitute the DES cryptosystem clearly. The main objective of this work is to investigate the strength of parallel implementation, on the basis of execution time on GPU as well as on CPU systems. © Springer India 2014.

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P. Prabha, Sikha, O. K., Suchithra, M., and Dr. Soman K. P., “Accelerating the performance of DES on GPU and a visualization tool in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet”, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol. 246, pp. 405-411, 2014.