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Journal Article


Indian Journal of Medical Sciences, Volume 55, Number 8, p.434-438, 472 (2001)



article, basil, Candida albicans, development and aging, diarrhea, drug effect, Enterobacteriaceae, growth, human, Humans, Microbial Sensitivity Tests, microbiological examination, microbiology, Ocimum basilicum, plant extract, Plant Extracts


Aqueous & alcoholic extracts of O. sanctum were prepared. Two concentrations of these extracts (30 mg & 60 mg) were tried against the enteric pathogens & candida albicans by Agar diffusion method. Wide zones of inhibition were observed at 60 mg concentration of extract. Aqeous extract showed wider zone of inhibition when compared to alcoholic extract. Aqueous extract showed wider zones of inhibition for Klebisella, E. Coil, Proteus & Staphylococcus aureus. Alcoholic extract showed wider zone for vibrio cholerae.


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Dr. Damodaran Vasudevan, Ballal, M., Deepa, S., Kedlaya, R., and , “Activity of Ocimum sanctum (the traditional Indian medicinal plant) against the enteric pathogens.”, Indian Journal of Medical Sciences, vol. 55, pp. 434-438, 472, 2001.