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Journal of Computer Science, Volume 9, Number 6, p.740-748 (2013)



In this fast growing world, people are increasingly mobile; everything is fast, connected and highly secured. All these have put up the requirements on mobile devices and leads to several features being added in the mobile operating systems and its architecture. The development of the next generation software platform based on Linux for mobile phones provides enhanced user experience, power management, cloud support and openness in the design. In spite of many studies on Linux, the investigations on the challenges and benefits of reusing and adapting the Linux kernel to mobile platforms is very less. In this study, a study on architecture of the Linux, its adaptations for a mobile operating system, requirements and analysis for Linux mobile phones, comparison with android and solution technologies to satisfy the requirements for a Linux mobile operating system are analysed and discussed. © 2013 Science Publications.


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Ka Velusamy, Vasudevan, S. Ka, Gopalakrishnan, Sa, Vasudevan, Sb, and Arumugam, Bc, “Adapting linux as mobile operating system”, Journal of Computer Science, vol. 9, pp. 740-748, 2013.