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Conference Paper


Security in Computing and Communications, Springer International Publishing, Cham (2015)





Smart phones are capable of providing smart services to the users very similar to laptops and desktop computers. Despite of all these capabilities battery life and computational capabilities are still lacking. By combining mobiles with cloud will reduce all these disadvantages because cloud is having infinite resources for processing. But in cloud security is a major concern. Since mobile devices contain private data a secure offloading of application is necessary. In this paper we are proposing a secure partitioning of application so that the most sensitive or vulnerable part of the application can be kept in the mobile and rest of the application can be offloaded to the cloud.

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N.M.a Dhanya and Kousalya, G., “Adaptive and Secure Application Partitioning for Offloading in Mobile Cloud Computing”, in Security in Computing and Communications, Cham, 2015.