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Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, Volume 32, Number 1, p.9-10 (2010)



abdominal pain, adult, article, case report, cystoscopy, epididymis, follow up, human, Humans, kidney, kidney agenesis, kidney scintiscanning, male, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, priority journal, suprapubic aspiration, transrectal ultrasonography, Ureter, ureterocele, urogenital tract malformation, vas deferens, Young Adult


Congenital vas deferens-ureteral connection is known to cause epididymitis and scrotal infections in infancy and childhood. Embryologically, the anomaly results from an abnormal high origin of the ureteric bud on the mesonephric duct with a resultant long common excretory duct being incompletely absorbed into the bladder. This report describes a rare adult presentation in a 20-year-old man where evaluation with ultrasonograms, isotope renogram, magnetic resonance imaging scans and cystoscopy with retrograde instillation of contrast into the right ureter confirmed aberrant insertion of vas deferens into the ureter associated with ureterocele and ipsilateral renal agenesis. © 2009 Springer-Verlag.


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S. Sukumar, Khanna, V., Nair, B., and Bhat, H. S., “Adult presentation of congenital ectopic vas deferens insertion into ureter with unilateral renal agenesis”, Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, vol. 32, pp. 9-10, 2010.