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Journal Article


Digital Signal Processing, Volume 2, Number 10, p.200–207 (2010)



Frequency Shift Keying, Microcontroller Unit, Power Line Carrier Communication, Pulse width modulation


This paper discuss about the new approach of monitoring the electrical parameters for drives through power line carrier communication. Using this technique parameters like speed, voltage, current and power factors are monitored by using exceed power leads as a communication media. The communication media are located in two different places for sending and receiving the data’s which require existing 50 hertz power line. This circuit uses an asynchronous serial communication protocol and frequency shift keying modulation for realizing frequency multiplexing in the power line. These monitoring systems used for an inverter-fed induction machine are constructed using this power line communication link. A prototype model was demonstrated within the limited distance.

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N. Murali, Veerakumar, S., A Kumar, N., and Dr. Shriram K Vasudevan, “Advanced Embedded Computing Techniques for Industries through PLCC Technique”, Digital Signal Processing, vol. 2, pp. 200–207, 2010.