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Conference Paper


International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology, ICACT, Gangwon-Do, p.1587-1592 (2011)





Blood pressure, ECG, Electrocardiography, Electrochromic devices, Global system for mobile communications, GSM modem, Hospitals, Innovation, Modems, network, Patient monitoring, PMS, SMS, Wireless networks


<p>Real-time monitoring of the physical condition of the patients is one of the major challenges faced by hospital authorities nowadays. All the hospitals today have one Patient Monitoring System (PMS) per patient. Also human intervention is needed frequently for critical patients. In this paper we propose a network based Wireless Single PMS (NWSPMS), which can monitor multiple patients to measure various physical parameters. This must be precise, fast and effective for transmission of information about their health condition to the concerned. Also there lies a need to transmit more parameters and more data for the convenience and fast response by the staffs in the hospital. Since we need an immediate response, we make use of the voice-call facility apart from the SMS mechanism via an GSM modem. The system proposed here monitors blood pressure, heart beat rate, body temperature and ECG of the elderly patient thus giving an overall condition of the patient. © 2011 Global IT Research Inst.</p>


cited By 1; Conference of 13th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology: Smart Service Innovation through Mobile Interactivity, ICACT 2011 ; Conference Date: 13 February 2011 Through 16 February 2011; Conference Code:84730

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Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Vineeth, R., Krishnan, M. U. D., Akhil, K. S., and Jacob, D. C., “Advanced Network Based Wireless, Single PMS for Multiple-Patient Monitoring”, in International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology, ICACT, Gangwon-Do, 2011, pp. 1587-1592.

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