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Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Indian Society for Education and Environment, Volume 9, Number 30 (2016)



Objectives: The critical problem of mass storage and access is handled by Distributed Storage System (DSS) by incorporating data Replication and/or Dispersal techniques. Handling the hybrid failures is very crucial for the design of reliable and efficient DSS. The realistic combination of Crash and Non-Crash faults in DSS disallow fail stop assumption in design. This paper provides an insight into different types of failures, adversaries, proposes a systematic scheme to simulate adversarial effect in DSS. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Information Dispersal Algorithm (IDA) and Reed Solomon codes (RS) are the methods used to analyze the performance of the system. Findings: The performance of the system and robustness of the RS Coded DSS is evaluated and analyzed for various Workload, RS (n, k) values, % of Hybrid failures to design reliable and efficient Distributed Storage System. Application/Improvement: Reed Solomon codes improves the performance of the system by handling both errors and erasures compared to Information Dispersal Algorithm.


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C.K. Shyamala and Sharanya, R. R., “Adversarial effect in distributed storage systems”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, vol. 9, 2016.