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Journal Article


IAMJ, Volume 1, Issue 3, p.1-6 (2013)



acne, Babula churna, Manjistha churna, rakta, shukra, Yuvan pidaka


Acharya Sushruta was the first and foremost to mention a whole group of skin diseases which have an adverse effect on the appearance and personality of an individual and having surgical or para surgical measures as its cure. He named these ailments as “kshudra roga”. Yuvan pidaka is one of them. Modern science believes that it is due to infection of certain organ, but the disease is no more a simple reaction to bacterial infection. It is complex nature of underlying stress, influencing of endocrine glands of the body, particularly the ovary and testis, race, age, nutritional status, temperature, excessive use of cosmetics also influence the aetiology to a greater extent. Present study for this subject has been carried out on 60 patients in two groups. Result in group B was satisfactory than group A. During the trial period no side effect was seen in any patient.

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B. Mrinal, Bandana, S., Dr. Rajeshwari P. N., Kumar, M. Sisir, and Sharma, S. K., “An aetiopathological study of Yuvan pidaka w.s.r. to Rakta and Shukra dusti and therapeutic trial of respective Shodhak drugs”, IAMJ, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 1-6, 2013.