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Journal Article


International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research, Volume 42, Issue 2, p.194-200 (2017)



Education, First aid, Haemorrhage, pharmacist, Point-of-Care, Research


This review focuses on developing biomedical first-aid (FA) technologies and its affordable rational use for the pre-hospital control of bleeding in external haemorrhage from limb extremities after traumatic injury. Public academic research hand in hand with government policies such as “Make-in-India” campaign could be explored for it. Pharmacists have unique skill set due to technological and clinical training in therapeutics. Subsequently, they can be given advanced training for the R&D and rational use of these haemostatic FAs for emergency care; particularly in rural areas of developing world. This may improve the accessibility and affordability of the medical technologies in the developing world.

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J. Konikkara, Antony, A., Renju Radhakrishnan, Hanssen, M., Nair, A. J., Radhakrishnan, R., and Dr. Kaladhar Kamalasanan, “Affordable Technologies to Stop Bleeding from Haemorrhage: New Role of Pharmacists in its R&D and Rational use in Rural India”, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research, vol. 42, no. 2, pp. 194-200, 2017.