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Journal Article


International Journal of Scientific Research, Volume 4, Number 9 (2015)



Aggression, intervention, middle school boys, Multimodal Approach, prosocial behaviour


The increasing incidents world wide of aggression amounting to crime towards women points at a very urgent need to combat the same. Research indicates that more than majority of the perpetrators of heinous crimes towards women are men who as young boys have had aggressive ways. The reported action research was an attempt to ascertain the effect of intervention based on Multimodal Approach on the aggression and prosocial behaviour of middle school boys (N= 75) in the age range of 12 - 14 years from a Higher Secondary School in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Following the initial assessment of aggression and prosocial behaviour of the participants using Buss - Perry Aggression Questionnaire and Prosocial Personality Battery, intervention involving Multimodal Approach was administered for four weeks (5 days a week) with duration of 45 minutes per session. After four weeks, the participants were reassessed for aggression and prosocial behaviour. The difference in aggression and prosocial behaviour before and after intervention was statistically significant. The correlation between aggression, prosocial behaviour and the demographic variables were found to be statistically insignificant. Implications and recommendations for further research were suggested.

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Dr. Preetha Menon and Mathew, M., “Aggression and Prosocial Behaviour in Middle School Boys – A Multimodal Approach”, International Journal of Scientific Research, vol. 4, 2015.